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Real time court reporters can move beyond recording the proceedings by also making suggestions in regards to proper procedures, research items in the official record, or assist in other issues. Many judges have begun to insist that the court reporter has real time capabilities. Real time transcription can be found in other events, such as public events, religious services, television, and education.

Call Court Reporters arranges access for firms to certified real time court reporters. These court reporters are fully trained court reporters that have earned a specialized Certified Real-time Reporter (CRR) certificate. These advanced court reporters create contemporaneous transcripts that have many applications. The most important is that the transcript is viewable by persons present in the proceedings. These real time, or live view, transcripts are invaluable in referencing information quickly and efficiently.

Trust Call Court Reporters to take the guess work out of finding competent, skilled, detail oriented, focused individuals who can perform the necessary expedited services needed to be successful in legal proceedings.

Call Court Reporters is the preeminent resource for scheduling all real time court reporter needs for depositions.

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